While there's a lot of information about me on the internet and in my CV, here is a small autobiography for those who wish to get to know me a bit better.

I was born in April 1995, and for most of my life, wanted to get into the game industry and make games. I'm currently aiming to be a gameplay programmer for a top company.


At age 6, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. My family celebrated it, and said that "All it means is that your brain is wired a bit differently, you might take longer to do some things, but you'll still manage."


At the age of 11, I started attending a specialist autistic school. Before going, my confidence was at an all time low, and ever since going there, I've been hundreds of times happier, and millions of times more confident. I also developed skills I never thought I would have.

Self Portrait
True self potrait
Mensa cetificate

At 12, I took an interest in the furry fandom. [I am proud to be a furry. It's not what the media makes it out to be, and if anyone has a serious problem with me because of this little bit of information, they are clearly someone I don't want to work with.] I started to develop a fursona, a blue anthropomorphic fox, known as Fox Chaotica. I quickly adopted this name as a nickname.

At age 18, I finished attending the autistic school, and went to Cleveland College of Art and Design, where I had finally decided what I wanted to do. I had programming skills and an extensive knowledge of video games, as well as being persistant, and not giving up on my solidified dream.


Shortly after starting college, I legally changed my name to Fox Chaotica, after calling myself that for 6 years, and finished developing my fursona. 2 years later, I passed college, with a D*DD grade, and was accepted into Teesside University on the Computer Games Programming course, one step closer to achieving my dream.

In Nov 2015, I took a supervised Mensa test, and two weeks later, I recieved the results: a score of 130 [top 10%] on one test, and a score of 140 [top 1%] on the other. As such, I was invited to be a member of Mensa.

Since the start of 2016, I've regularly attended a nearby fur meet, where local furries all get together, play games, and have fun. I also developed my passion for retro gaming, and have been collecting retro consoles and games. During 2017, I started streaming on Twitch.tv, with a channel i call "The Mainframe", showing off my impressive collection of games and consoles. on Apr 14 2018, I became a Twitch affiliate.

In Jun 2019, I released my first fully built solo game: Kryptic. I also passed my course at Teesside University.

In Oct 2019, I got a job with Revolting Creations, and immediately started working alongside The Indie Stone on Project Zomboid

I firmly believe that life should be enjoyed as much as possible, and my attitude reflects that, being playful, and having a laugh whenever possible, while still being serious when needed. I love solving problems and puzzles, and always look for things to challenge my capabilities

I have dabbled a small bit in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in my time at college, and since starting university, learned and progressively sharpened my skills with C++ and C#. I would consider myself to have a high skill level, but I firmly believe that I can keep improving my skills, and welcome any chance to do so.