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A game built for my Final Major Project at college


Paradoxical is a concept game I developed for my Final Major Project at college. It's a first person puzzle game, set inside a spaceship full of impossible spaces. The demo that I built doesn't have a story to it, and is focused more on the gameplay, level design, and aesthetics.

I built it using the Unreal Development Kit, which I had to teach myself. I used the visual scripting tools, because I didn't know C++ at the time, and because it was an art course, the programming wasn't being graded but the visual style of it was.

I designed, the models and textures, built the map, composed the music and sound effects, and programmed all the puzzles myself. I went for a puzzle style similar to Portal, where the mechanics are all explained through a simplified puzzle, then used to their full extent in a more complex puzzle. The impossible geometries also contributed to the puzzles. One such example is where you have to cross a very long room in 3 seconds, but there is an impossible doorway that links both ends [This particular puzzle can be seen in the concept art on the right.]

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